The dictionary has fear to mean ‘to be afraid or apprehensive’, or to ‘expect with alarm.’ But we probably know the all-too-popular and unconventional definition of fear; the acronym. If not, here it is:

F – False

E – Evidences

A – Appearing

R – Real

There really is nothing wrong with this definition. After all, most people fear something that would most likely never occur. And most times, quite literally, there are really no ‘evidences’ at all, and yet fear persists. I have discovered that it is even possible to fear fear.

But how about the times when there are evidences which are not false, but as tangible as a rock. Let’s face it, there is a fear I categorize as monster-under-the-bed fear, where we fear something that we really have no proof of existence for. But there is a monster-in-our-lives fear in which we come face-to-face with our nightmares day in, day out.

Ask Peter, and he’ll tell you (Matthew 14 v 30)

But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

You see, Peter wasn’t afraid because he was doing the unnatural, something which no man other Jesus had done before, or after for the matter. He was afraid because of the wind. The wind was there. Most times we address fear like the wind is false. No, the wind sometimes is true as the case was with Peter.

The wind might be true. But Jesus is the TRUTH.

Whether your evidences are false of true, just remember that your surest way of overcoming you fear is to make like Peter, and cry, “Lord, save me!”




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